We have cutting-edge capabilities, flexible system configurations and high-quality data capture systems

The Australian Energy Storage Knowledge Bank has the capabilities and testing facilities to help you develop your energy storage projects safely. Our expertise and high-quality data capture system can help you understand how your technology is (and isn’t) working, allowing you to solve technical challenges faster. Our mobile testing platform and stand-alone microgrid facility will make your real-world technology trials safer, cheaper and easier.

Who we help

Whether you’re looking to implement an energy storage system or develop technology to enhance the use of energy storage, our expertise and facilities are here to help you. You can use our experience and know-how to test your system or technology in a range of disruptive conditions. With ‘plug and play’ functionality and the ability to go from simulated scenario to a grid-connected test, our expert team can help you at any stage of your development.

Users of energy storage battery systems

If your company is investing in an energy storage system, we can help you test potential suppliers and systems to ensure you end up with the one that’s right for your purpose, size and location.

Technology developers

Whether you’re developing new peer-to-peer trading software or the next generation of lithium-ion batteries, our capabilities can get your idea from concept design to marketable product, quicker.

Network companies

If you’re a network service provider looking to deploy an energy storage asset, you can trial your system using our capabilities and testing facilities. This includes autonomous black start, remote network asset peak shaving and smart power quality network support.

How we help

With expertise in battery storage technologies, flexible testing facilities and a high-quality data capture system, the Australian Energy Storage Knowledge Bank team at the University of Adelaide are uniquely positioned to help you.

Expertise to solve the most difficult problems

We bring some of Australia’s best and brightest energy storage experts together to offer you capabilities ranging from testing new battery chemistries through to the development of control algorithms and new communication systems. Together we’ll ensure your on-grid or off-grid battery storage project achieves its goals.

Testing at your site

Our mobile testing platform allows you to work on your technology and test your systems at your location. This can shorten your product development cycle with robust testing that will identify and rectify problems and reduce the risk of unexpected failures in the field. Using our testing facility, you can trial your technology at different stages of development and make sure it’s responding the way you want it to before connecting to the grid

High-quality data capture

Our high-quality, time-stamped data capture system provides powerful insights into the performance of your technology. Sampling electrical waveforms at 500kHz gives you unparalleled clarity into dynamic system performance. Better data means you’ll understand how your system is performing so you can optimise your design for your specific needs.

Handling complex configurations

Our test system can handle any set-up from running parallel to mains, managing an entire embedded microgrid, islanding and ‘bump-less reintegration’. The IoT-based control system means controllers for additional generators and loads can be built and integrated easily. This means we can cater to the most complicated micro grid configurations, load control scenarios, spot market trading, peer-to-peer schemes and maximise self-consumption.