Test Facilities

World-class energy storage testing facilities, developed by Australia's leading experts

The Australian Energy Storage Knowledge Bank project has developed two world-class energy storage testing facilities. The mobile testing platform allows you to test your system’s performance under a range of real-world conditions. The microgrid facilities at the University of Adelaide’s Thebarton campus can simulate a range of destabilising and disruptive conditions to test new technologies.

Mobile testing platform

The mobile testing platform is a battery system that can be used to reduce peak loads on local substations, stabilise the electricity network and avoid power interruptions – all without manual intervention. This system can be set up at your workshop or test location and, unlike most other test batteries of this size, our mobile platform is approved for network connection, so you get to test in real-world conditions.

Technical specifications:

  • 270 kW/270 kWh LG Chem JH3 battery system (expandable to 360 kW/360 kWh)
  • 270 kVA ABB PCS100 4 quadrant inverter
  • SEL Grid Connection Relays suitable for safe network connection
  • Modular distributed control system enabling easy connection of multiple generation sources and controllable loads (PaDECS™ supplied by Power Technology Engineered Solutions)
  • National Instruments DAQ system sampling up to 500 kHz
  • Inert gas fire suppression system
  • Lightning protection system
  • Building rated for Class C (232 km/h) wind conditions

Find out how our mobile testing platform performed during a real-world trial at Cape Jervis.

Thebarton microgrid

The microgrid facility at Thebarton is a stand-alone system where you can throw all sorts of problems at your system without fear of network repercussions. It’s ideal for testing new technologies and exposing them to disruptive and destabilising conditions to ensure the technology can handle unforeseen events in the real world.

  • 500 kVA Diesel capable of load following or being configured to operate as a slave
  • 6 x 132 kW VSD motors as a controllable load
  • Change over switch capable of operating on the microgrid for simulated testing or switching to the local distribution network for network connected tests

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